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Son cubano is a style of music and dance that originated in Cuba and gained worldwide popularity during the 1930s. Son combines the structure and feel of the Spanish canción with Afro-Cuban traits and percussion. The Cuban son is one of the most influential and widespread form of Latin-American music : its derivatives and fusions, including salsa, have spread across the world.

Son is specifically considered to be the foundation on which salsa was created.




BATAOLA  was founded in 2008, they have released one album titled Convergencia.




Carlos Pérez, Cuban Lead Singer songwriter, is the charismatic verse delivering Maestro.

Add to this his exceptional rhythm on the Congas and we have a front man that

is an absolute delight to witness.



Romy Hernández, Cuban pianist coming from a classical background is the perfect blend of Old world and New world, resulting in a unique approach to her solos. On

backing vocals, definitely a rose among thorns.



Mario Lobos, (El Lobo), Chilean Bass at its best, creating a gut bucket bottom bass sound to carry the band into realms of Cuban rhapsody. On backing vocals, a natural harmonist.



Henry Saavedra, Bolivian born provides the folky & organic sounds of the Cuban Tres & Cuatro. Raw Passion is what best describes his singular expression for Son Cubano. On backing vocals he is the complemental piece to a three part harmony which rides along side a true Sonero (lead singer) to form an eloquent and mesmerising vocal delivery.



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